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Horários de atendimento

Segunda a sexta-feira: Das 07:00 às 22:00. 

Sábados: Das 07:00 às 17:00.

Horarios de atención

Lunes a viernes: De 07:00 a 22:00. 

​Sábados, de 07:00 a 17:00.

Opening times

Monday to Friday, from 07:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 07:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Horaris d'atenció

Dilluns a divendres: De 07:00 a 22:00. 

​Dissabtes: De 07:00 a 17:00.

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Featured content:


Preparatory Spanish courses. Baucis Languages

Preparation for job interviews and presentations, travels, DELE (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language), etc.


The schedules are fully customized and designed according to the number of hours hired until the day of your test or event, focusing on the most relevant content for the student.


Please, talk to our pedagogic coordinator to resolve your specific needs.


Pierde a tu alumno de idiomas en 12 pasos (o qué pasos no dar si quieres una relación excelente con él) - Baucis Languages. SP

Las ideas contenidas en este libro provienen de una voz colectiva, de la experiencia, estudio y conversaciones de coordinadores y profesores que han colaborado y colaboran con Baucis Languages y de los alumnos que nos han ofrecido sus comentarios desde el inicio de nuestra actividad hasta el día de hoy.


Se trata de un repertorio de acciones y actitudes concretas que hemos ido identificando dentro de la clase y que, siendo evitadas, previenen la gran mayoría de los conflictos e insatisfacciones que se pueden dar entre el profesor y el alumno de idiomas.​​​

Who we are

Baucis Languages offers Spanish classes, as well as text translations and revisions.


Our courses have two modalities:


Face to face classes: In your residence or company in Barcelona (Spain) and São Paulo (Brazil).


Online classes via videoconferencing.


Our methodology aims to fully attend the language learning needs through customization and openness to new creations, offering courses with schedules which are adapted to each student’s objectives and time availability. In this way, we join the best available teaching resources in the market with the productions of our team of teachers, always committed to their self development and, above all, with the student’s development.


The method aims to stimulate, not only linguistic functions, but also psycho-cognitive, achieving thus the best results in learning. Consequently, the skills related to the acquisition of a new language (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) are encouraged together with Sensoriality, Emotion, Intellect, Intuition and Creativity.


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You can request a free demo class with no commitment, where:


• The teacher will provide you detailed administrative and pedagogical information and he or she will seek to know about your particular needs, aiming the maximum adaptation of the course to them.


• Different exercises will be done in order to identify your language level and you know our work into practice.


Class duration: 60 min. (Face to face or via videoconferencing).


• Native teachers.


• No registration or course materials fees. No course canceling fines.


• You select days, class timing and the amount of hours per month.


• Out of class activities:


◦ Communication via e-mail (doubts, requests and correction of exercises).


◦ Activities developed by our team of teachers.


◦ Social media with varied texts, music, movies and more.

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